When Jolee first came to On-Set Acting Studio she used to say she was a dancer. After only a few classes with Pierce, she now says she is an actor and dancer because Pierce has instilled her love for acting. It is a pleasure knowing that Jolee is taking a class from someone who is so talented. Pierce really knows how to create a safe environment so the magic of acting can happen. He sees the potential in each child and teaches his students to free their true nature through acting.  Working with Pierce has been one of Jolee’s favorite times. He is passionate and supportive. Pierce is my daughter’s favorite acting coach and inspiration in the world of make-believe.  If you want to be inspired, push yourself to your fullest potential, and find your drive to truly explore your creative abilities, you have come to the right place.  And more importantly, you will have fun, lots of fun, and you always leave wanting to come back for more.  Pierce is not only caring, generous, and nurturing but he also has immeasurable talent.  He takes you on a path to discovering yourself and learning to trust yourself and your decisions to allow you to stand out as an actor.”